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Rev Matt Hale(Civil Case) Reply in support of Plantiff's Motion to Strike and Response

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Reply in Support of Plaintiff's Motion to Strike and Response.

Some Quotes from Rev Hale contained in this document.......

" Plaintiff was unaware that Judge Krieger had separate practice standards for her court until he received the Defendant's reply and "fact exhibit". "

" The fact that the Defendant has only made Plaintiff aware of the practice standards now by citing them doesn't do Plaintiff much good, it should have provided it to the Plaintiff when he actually could have put them to use. "

" In Sum, Plaintiff unfortunately was unaware that any such practice standards existed, didn't have them when he wrote his response to the Defendant's motion for summary judgement, and should not be penalized for not comporting with them accordingly. " 

" What would not be just, on the other hand, would be to allow the Defendant a whopping 495 pages in support of its motion for summary judgement (138 page motion, 75 page reply, and 282 page "fact exhibit" ) while allowing Plaintiff the equivalent of only 80 pages in response. "  

" The Defendant is essentially trying to contrive a "David versus Goliath" scenario here with it's ridiculously long filings, but in this case "David" is conveniently not to be afforded the use of a sling shot if the Defendant has its way. That is not justice but bullying. "  

" Lastly, this case is simply too important for the sake of religious freedom in this country for the court to allow Plaintiff to be blindsided in the manner that the Defendant recommends. " 



Monday, 8 January 2018

FREE MONIKA SCHAEFER! ..By Brian Ruhe and Paul Fromm

Dear friends,

I have been upset because a friend of mine was unjustly sent to a maximum security prison. She is Monika Schaefer and she and I have made videos, many together, about the revisionist history of World War II. Please help by writing a letter, as I have done as well. Monika was born in Canada and lives in Jasper. She was visiting her brother in Germany for Christmas and got arrested there.

Below is the YouTube video I made about her, plus two others

Sorry Mom, I was wrong about the Holocaust

I don’t know what you believe about the six million Jews gassed but it is wrong that countless Germans are in jail today serving 5 year sentences just for expressing an opinion that the official Holocaust story is not true. This is a free speech issue. I made a video titled, “RAPING WOMEN!” in which I point out that if a German man rapes a woman, he goes to jail for one year, but if a German intellectual denies the Holocaust he goes to jail for up to  five years.

Brian Ruhe

Free speech supporters around the world must help free Monika

1. Please write her a short letter or note. Let her jailers know that free men and women are watching this shameful arrest and detention  of a Canadian citizen.
Monika Schaefer
                                                81549 München,
2. If you are a Canadian, 
* Write to the Canadian Ambassador to Germany, The Hon. Stephane Dion and ask him to intervene and free Monika Schaefer. She is Canadian-born and a Canadian citizen and deserves and needs his assistance.

The Honourable Stéphane Dion
Ambassador to Germany



Canadian Embassy, Leipziger Platz 17
10117 Berlin
  • (+49) (30) 20 312 0
  • FAX
  • (+49) (30) 20 312 590
    * As well, write to the Canadian Consul General in Munich. Ask him to visit Monika and to insist that the German Government  free her. 
    Consulate of Canada - Munich
    Tal 29
    80331 München, Germany
    Tel.: (+49 89) 21 99 570
    (+49 89) 21 99 57 57
    * Also, write to Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland and urge her to protest Monika's arrest to the German Government and urge her to press for Monika's immediate release.
    Honourable Chrystia Freeland, Minister of Foreign Affairs.
    House of Commons
    Ottawa, Ontario
    K1A 0A6
    * Write to the German Ambassador to Canada and protest Monika's arrest and demand her immediate freedom. You might observe that such an arrest tarnishes Germany's image as a country committed to democracy and freedom of expression.
    Mr Werner Wnendt
    Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany,
    1 Waverley Street
    Ontario K2P OT8
    P.O. Box 379, Postal Station "A"
    Ottawa, ON K1N 8V4
    * Phone or FAX the Canadian Consulate in Munich and urge them to visit Monika and demand her immediate release.
    Tel.: (+49 89) 21 99 570
    (+49 89) 21 99 57 57
    3. If you are not Canadian,
    * Write to the German Ambassador in your country and protest Monika's arrest and demand her immediate release.
    Mr. Peter Wittig,
    Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany,
    Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany
    4645 Reservoir Road NW
    Washington, DC 20007
    Write or call the Canadian Consulate in Munich and express your concern for Monika and demand that they intervene to free her. (See contact information above.)
    1. Germany is six hours ahead of EST.
    2. Do not discuss or debate the so-called "holocaust". This is a freedom issue. Don't debate WW II. Keep your comments brief and to the point. Keep your tone respectful. We want to free Monika, not just mouth off.
    Thanks to AT and others who have compiled this information.
    Paul Fromm



















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    Rev Matt Hale (Civil Case) Notice of Recent Continuing Unlawful Activity by the Defendant and it's Employee's

    To read this document in it's entirety... FREE MATT HALE Site link... Notice of Recent Continuing Unlawful Activity by the Defendant and it's Employee's 

    Some quotes from Rev Hale contained in this document.........

    "Contrary to representations which it has made to this court, the Defendant's employee's are continuing to reject correspondence that is sent to me even though it in no way mentions my title, Church, or religion, the Defendant falsely claims that the mail in question contains "Gang related information" Thus, even though my correspondents are complying with the current, obviously unlawful ban upon all of my religious mail which the Defendant has admitted to have imposed, their correspondence is being rejected all the same. "

    " However, the simple fact of the matter is, that my address here is PO BOX 8500 and always has been." 

    " How can the court trust that what the Defendant's "records" have to say about my religion, my church, and those who adhere to the same is true when the Defendant doesn't even know it's own address (!) or would lie to cover up the fact that it, and not the post office, returned to sender my incoming mail for weeks? " 


    Friends and Supporters: Matt has filed a notice which is pertaining to the mail situation at Florence. He asks that you each file a Declaration in support, because your letters came back unopened and your letters are coming back as being "Gang Related" which they are not. When you send your declaration to the court, make sure that you have the exact case number as Matt has in his.Next line, Declaration of ____________ Explain that you are not a gang member and you have had letters returned unopened, etc. Follow Matts lead in writing your Declaration. If you still have any returned letters unopened or returned as "Gang Related", send copies along with your Declaration. Here is the address for the court:
    Office of the Clerk
    Alfred A. Arraj U. S. Courthouse
    901 19th Street
    Courtroom A502
    Denver, CO 80294


    Monday, 1 January 2018

    This Planet is All Ours...By Ben Klassen

    We cannot - we will not – settle for less.

    In the confused milieu of the present right-wing conservative – Identity – White racist movement a number of strange and contradictory ideas are being bandied about. Some of these ideas are not only downright counter-productive and destructive but extremely dangerous to the very survival of the White Race. Whereas the racial movement has any number of kooks and aberrants hovering around the fringes, we are not particularly concerned about them. Every movement has them. What we are grossly concerned about is some of the destructive ideas that are being pushed by some of our more prominent and responsible leaders in the racial movement, people who should know better. It is our objective to explore and clarify some of the more vital positions that are being advocated.

    1. Territorial Fragmentation into a polyglot checkerboard of ethnic groups. (This includes the concept of Regionalism, a closely related defeatist approach.) Both of these ideas, in my opinion, are some of the most bizarre and insane ideas that are seriously being discussed and advocated by several of our White Racial Comrades in their effort to compromise and appease our enemies – the mud races.

    Basically, the fragmentation idea consists of slicing the United States into “ethnic areas” whereby literally scores of ethnic groups would theoretically be moved and shunted into their “allotted” territories, each presumably “receiving” (who will do the giving?) a choice piece of the United States real estate in accordance with their proportionate numbers. The process would be similar to what we did to the Indians in the 1800’s, except now we would slice the entire United States into thousands of reservations and herd not only Indians onto them, but White people, niggers, mulattoes, Mexicans, Haitians, Cubans, Japanese, and everybody else, each into his or her reservation. Or another example would be the South Africa Apartheid system where each ethnic group would have their own compound, with government police enforcing the law that they stay in their compound or “homeland.” This whole idea is basically so insane, it hardly warrants our consideration, were it not for the fact that many of our leading groups and promoters are advocating just such an idea.

    When we stop a moment and think about it, the whole idea becomes so bizarre and ridiculous that an endless number of unanswered questions begin to surface, questions which have not been answered and remain unanswerable. In the first place, there are an endless number of minority groups that have special interests and we could divide the population into not only dozens of groups but more like hundreds, or thousands, depending on which way we want to slice it, and who does the slicing. We could categorize by country of origin – Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, Burmese, Pakistani, Mexican, Hindu, Mongolian, Fiji Islanders, on down the line.

    There are about 126 countries in the world to whom the United States is gratuitously dispensing foreign aid. Everyone of them has “refugees,” Immigrants, escapees who reside in the United States. They may number anywhere from tens of thousands (like the Haitians) to thirty millions (like the Mexicans). Surely, each and every one of them rates a slice of territory to call their own here in these United States? The Mexicans alone could reclaim all of the Southwest without a fight, territories our valiant forefathers fought and bled to win for the White Race. There are hundreds more that could also claim to be entitled to a chunk of territory on a nationality basis alone.

    Then we could subdivide all these hundreds of nations further according to their own ethnic groups. For instance, let us take Russia: There are the Ukrainians, Great Russians, the White Russians, the Poles, the Bulgarians, the Moldavians, the Letts, the Tatars, the Kazakhs, the Uzbeks, the Kirghezians, the Bashkers, the Kurds, the Kalmucks, etc., and on and on. In fact the Encyclopedia claims there are over 175 distinct peoples living in Russia alone, speaking so many different languages that scientists have not yet been able to list them all. Undoubtedly there are any number of representatives of each of these people resident in the United States. Should each of them be “allotted” a territory? Then we go on to each of the other countries with all their multiplicity of ethnic groups, all of whom also have large numbers resident in the United States. Undoubtedly we are already into the thousands of ethnic groups, classified by nationality alone. But then we should (and must!) divide them further by religion – we wouldn’t want to mix Catholic Irish and Protestant Irish in the same territory, now would we? or Moslems, Hindus and Sikhs from India?

    The list is endless, and for anyone to rationally try to cut the United States into little bits and pieces for each ethnic, religious, national and racial group would run into an endless nightmare, that could not be solved by the world’s largest computer, nor the most intelligent grouping of brains, nor by any other means.

    But supposing by an impossible miracle somehow it was done. Would we have peace and quiet, an equitable solution to the world’s turmoil in the United States? far from it. It would be the scenario for endless strife, turmoil, revolution, anarchy and mayhem, not to mention thousands of “independence” movements. This is not just theory. Let us take a real-life example. We could pick almost any country in the world, but let us take a good look at Burma, for instance, as a small scale prototype and microcosm.

    Burma has approximately 37 million people. It is divided into at least thirty important minorities, but basically it has approximately ten major ethnic minorities. Listing them alphabetically they are: the Arakan, the Kachin, the Karen, the Karenni, the Lahu, the Mon, the Pa-O, the Palaung, the Shan and the Wa. These have loosely banded together into a revolutionary group called the National Democratic Front, or the NDF. Then there are three more major groups: the Burman, the Chin and the Naga. Each of these thirteen groups are segregated into their own territories in a fashion similar to what some racial leaders here are advocating we do to the United States.

    Has Burma had peace and tranquility? Has it enjoyed prosperity? Hell, no. Ever since it was “given” independence some forty years ago and the British moved out, continuous and unrelenting revolution, warfare and anarchy has been the lot of this fractured and fragmented country. Once relatively prosperous in the trade of teak, jade and oil, it is now rated as one of the poorest and most chaotic countries in the world. Its main stock in trade now is opium and the drug trade, most of which is funneled into the United States. But Burma is not the exception. It is more realistically a prototype, a textbook example of a nation fragmented by minorities. There are dozens of other third world countries in the same fix, and any number of others that are not third world such as South Africa, or Ireland or Nicaragua. In short, fragmentation is not a solution by any means. It merely compounds the problem. For us to even think of such a process in the United States is insane, utterly mad, and would only hasten the demise of an already shrinking White Race.

    2. Nationalism. In this analysis, as always, we Creators are looking at all problems and solutions from the White Man’s point of view. When we examine any idea, we ask the question – is it in the best Interests of the White Race? In this respect there Is another idea that is being bandied about that is divisive and destructive from the White Man’s point of view, and that idea is encompassed by the word Nationalism. We find any number of groups that head their designation with the word National or Nationalist, the foremost of these, of course, was Hitler’s National Socialist Party, the NSDAP.

    We Creators deplore the word Nationalist per se as being counter-productive, divisive and destructive. When we review the history of the White Race over the last several thousand years, (and especially Europe during the last several centuries) we find an endless series of wars and White people being killed by other White people. Practically all of these wars were fought in the name of nationalism, one nation against another, or one group of nations against another group of nations. The War of Roses, the Hundred Years War, the Seven Years War, the Thirty Years War, the Crimean War, the Boer War, World War I, World War II, and hundreds of smaller wars in between and after.

    In many of these wars religion entered into the picture, but even when it did, it was still by and large one nation, or group of nations against another. It was the Government of a Nation that instigated, plotted and waged the wars, and they resulted in millions of White men, women and children being brutally massacred.We Creators deplore and denounce nationalism as such. We espouse instead Racial Socialism (See Chapter 6 of Nature’s Eternal Religion). We espouse and promote White Racial Teamwork. (See page 20 of Expanding Creativity.) If we must fight and wage war, let us make damn sure we unite and direct our forces not against each other, but against the mud races, and especially the parasitical Jews. Never again must we engage in war against ourselves, White men killing White men. This is the bottom line and a major segment of our creed and dogma.

    3. Polyglot Groups. The idea has been bandied about that if we have a myriad of quasi-racial groups “deploring and lamenting” about their own narrow specialty, that we are then better off than if we join into one major powerful movement. The argument is that “the enemy” presumably the United States government, or the Jewish network, or the C.F.R., or “the Communists,” or the I.R.S., or whomever each group deems to be the enemy, (there is no agreement) will not be able to destroy all of a number of polyglot groups in one fell swoop, whereas if we had one big movement, they might.

    This argument sounds good as far as it goes, but unfortunately it stops in the middle of a no-win mentality. What it is saying is that with thousands of little fractured and fragmented groups as we have seen operating for the past forty years, we will always have a few gnats buzzing at the enemy’s ears. Of course, we will never have a powerhouse with which to confront the enemy and destroy them, but we’ll settle for being an ineffective annoyance.

    We Creators deplore this insipid no-win attitude. We say – either we go all out to build a meaningful, massive, all powerful movement into which all our energies and resources are organized and integrated, and confront and destroy the enemy, or we go fishing. We see the enemy as the worldwide Jewish network as the target, not communism, or the IRS or any other tentacle of that Jewish juggernaut. We are out to destroy Judaism in total, on a worldwide basis, nothing less. Delenda est Judaica! In order to do so we must build one powerful united battering ram that has the power and determination to destroy this worldwide Jewish pestilence.

    Again, looking back into history, there is only one powerful movement that accomplished such a break-through in recent times, and that was Hitler’s Nazi party in Germany during the 20’s and 30’s. As long as there were two thousand or more fragmented Nationalist parties, nothing was accomplished. When Hitler absorbed them all into his movement (we must remember he did not merge with any, he absorbed the members) then they had the clout to take over the government, and they did.

    We in America must do the same. We must not settle for having thousands of fragmented ineffective gadflies buzzing about annoying the enemy, but we must go all the way. We must build that one concentrated organized movement that can and will take over the government.

    4. The Turner Diaries and The Order. Some ten years ago or so Dr. William Pierce wrote The Turner Diaries under the pseudonym of Andrew MacDonald. It is the story of a group of dedicated White revolutionaries who wage an underground war of relentless destruction in order to undermine and destroy the “establishment” and government in power. They blow up bridges, railroads, electrical power lines and generating plants, government buildings, and in general, wreak havoc and mayhem. It is written in the form of a diary by one of its fictional heroes, namely Earl Turner.

    The Turner Diaries have one fatal and inexcusable flaw, a flaw that leaves the whole plot less than useless. Supposedly, a few generations after all this mayhem, the White Race finally finds itself in control of the government and its own destiny. What the Turner Diaries fail to explain is that the most important step – namely, how they got from Point A to Point B, how they managed to turn anarchy and revolution into control of the government. Whereas the story does describe anarchy, destruction and mayhem in great detail, it then leaves a huge gap, an unexplained lapse. The reader is left hanging in a vacuum as to how all this mayhem is supposed to be rewarded with control of the country.

    Now Dr. Pierce is an honorable, highly intelligent and dedicated man whom I have met and talked to on a few occasions and for whom I have a great deal of respect. However, unfortunately the formula espoused in the Turner Diaries is not the answer to our present problem of getting the Jew off our back, and when I say this I look back to seventy years of observing history. I especially look back to the time and place I was born, namely the Ukraine in Southern Russia. When I was born in 1918, there was an abundance of anarchy, killing, destruction and warfare there in the Russian revolution, enough to last anyone a lifetime. Five million people died of starvation in the Ukraine alone.

    Did this wake up the people to the problem? Did it identify the enemy? Did it produce a righteous outrage to kill and destroy the enemy? Did it produce a meaningful creed and program to set the country back on the road to salvation? No, it did not. It did none of these things. People were killed by the millions (Twenty million White Russians were massacred.) Millions of people starved. People suffered. The countryside was devastated. When the dust finally settled the Jews were in firm control and, today, seventy years later they are still in control.

    Despite all the killing, suffering, bloodshed and devastation there were a number of essentials lacking for a White victory – (a) the White people did not know who the real enemy was; (b) they had no creed or program to unite them; (c) as a result they killed each other instead of focusing on the real enemies – the Jews. It is a situation that history is bound to repeat today in an America were we in our present uninformed state to resort to unlimited violence and destruction.

    Nevertheless, a group of brave young White warriors under the leadership of Robert Matthews took the formula seriously and decided to form an underground group called Brueder Schweigen (German for Silent Brotherhood) or, also known as The Order. They launched into a program of criminal activities such as armed robbery and even managed to assassinate a filthy Jewish talk-show host by the name of Alan Berg. The end result of all this was that these brave young racial fighters, some thirty-five of them, are now behind bars, their energetic activities neutralized and thwarted, probably for the rest of their lives. Bob Matthews is dead, having died heroically in a fiery shootout against the overwhelming odds of a massive swat team launched against him by the Jewish establishment.

    I believe this is an unduly heavy price to pay in terms of our young activists for the killing of one lousy Jew. If, instead they had each gone their own quiet separate ways, secretly planned and planned well a number of attacks on groups of Jews, they could, for the same price, have killed probably as many as twenty, or fifty or a hundred Jews each. The sum total price exacted for the thirty-five now behind bars could have been several hundred dead Jews, instead of one filthy talk-show host. The thing to remember is that we all have to go sometime anyway, but if we are ready to go, don’t go alone, and don’t go cheaply. Exact a heavy price from the enemy. Make it fifty to one, or a hundred to one, but not thirty-five good White warriors for one filthy Jew.

    Let us take a look at some of the strikes the Arabs, who generally are none too bright, have successfully executed. A classic example is the bombing of the U.S. Marine compound in Lebanon on October 23, 1983. There we find one lone truck driver (presumably an Arab) who willingly went to his death with a big smile on his face. But as he did so, he took with him 240 of his enemies (dead) as well as hundreds of wounded. Now if we compare that maneuver to the effectiveness of what The Order episode accomplished, we find that the lone Arab was approximately 35 x 240, or more than 8000 times as effective as were each of the 35 some members of The Order. Now that, my fellow White Racial Comrades, is one hell of a difference. Let’s give this effectiveness a name. Let’s call it the Enemy Toll Effectiveness Factor (E.T.E.F.). That is an E.T.E.F. difference of 8000 to 1, comparatively. Nor does the difference in effectiveness really end there. The quality of the enemy destroyed also enters in. We must remember those killed and wounded were U.S. Marines, fighting men in the prime of their manhood, a much more meaningful action than merely killing an equal number of random riff-raff.

    Or let us take a look at another successful execution by a (so far) unknown group or hit-squad who successfully executed 22 Jewish rabbis in one fell swoop. Two gunmen posing as photographers, on the morning of September 6, 1986 entered the prize new Neve Shalom synagogue in Istanbul, Turkey. They opened fire with automatic pistols, set their victims on fire and blew themselves (and their victims) up with hand grenades. Going back to our Enemy Toll Effectiveness Factor, (E.T.E.F.), the score on this one is 11 to 1, but actually, because of the place and the rabbis, the ramifications are a thousand times greater.

    This surprise action frightened the hell out of world Jewry, as nothing else can. This major episode has been suppressed and played down in the world (Jewish) press. Undoubtedly the Jews feared, and rightfully so, that any amount of publicity would give the same idea to other groups throughout the world who would then be inspired to emulate similar actions.

    The Jews’ fears are well founded. A few more actions like the one in Turkey and the paranoid Jews will be scared spitless (they already are) and will be taking Rabbi Meir Kahane’s advice seriously – get out while you can – head for Israel before it is too late! Nothing would please us more. Once they are all congregated in Israel and the American people stop supporting, subsidizing and protecting them, I am sure the Arabs can and will make short shrift of them.

    Conversely, the Palestinians have not been doing so well recently in their rebellion against the Jewish tyrants in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. Since the escalation of that uprising December 8, 1987, 210 Palestinians have been killed in exchange for only four Jews, according to Jewish news reports as of June 21. (Actually, I’m sure many more Arabs have been killed.) That is an E.T.E.F. of 52.5 to 1 in favor of the Jews, a very lopsided score indeed, and it should teach us a lesson, namely that sticks and stones are no match for machine guns. Let that be a lesson for all time! Never give up your guns!

    There were several other ingredients missing in the agenda of The Order, as there were with The Turner Diaries. The most flagrant item missing was a positive creed and program for the future of the world. Both The Turner Diaries and The Order made it clear that they were against the Establishment and the present government of the United States, and they were determined to blow up the countryside and the physical plant in order to bring it down in flames and anarchy. The inference was that once the country (the U.S.A.) was in shambles and the “establishment” thereby destroyed, that the problem was solved and victory was ours. This is a rather naive conclusion, and not really any answer to anything.

    What neither The Order nor The Turner Diaries made very clear was that the Jewish worldwide conspiracy was the real culprit and had to be destroyed. Nor did they spell out a format of what was to follow when it was destroyed. What kind of a world did they envision for our children and grandchildren? Were they for perpetuating the Jewish-Christian hoax? Evidently they were, since most of them were followers of Richard Butler’s preaching that we, the White Race, are the real Israelites, and Christ was our Savior. Obviously there is a schizophrenic and contradictory set of concepts in play here, a belief and attitude that is bound to produce nothing but disaster. On the one hand they are preaching Christian love and forgiveness, and on the other robbery, killing and criminality. Schizophrenic is the word indeed.

    Furthermore, what did they have in mind about the rest of the world – Africa, Asia, South America, Australia, or Europe? There was no program, no clear philosophy, no consensus. Only the negative drive – blow up the countryside, bring down “the establishment.” What about using criminal means to fund their program? Was this any different than the train and bank hold-ups Stalin used to fund the Bolshevik program? In fact, many members of The Order were outright criminals before they ever joined the movement. Was criminality to be the basis of our future society? Were we going to replace one set of criminals in government with another set of criminals?

    Were we going to continue to hypocritically promote and espouse the Jewish-Christian blather?In conclusion, neither The Order nor The Turner Diaries had, or have, a meaningful, comprehensive answer to the dilemma that sorely befuddles the White Race of today. At best, The Order was a group of dedicated White militants, a group to be admired. We need more dedicated White militants, and cannot afford to have them wasted ineffectively. Their intentions were noble, but their thinking was extremely confused. They reacted bravely in a violent, half-baked, knee-jerk reaction to a complex worldwide conspiracy they did not completely understand, especially the treacherous role played by Jewish-Christianity in this life and death struggle. Because of this, they reaped disastrous consequences in an ongoing racial war, a war that is going to demand millions of further White casualties. What we must make sure of is that when we do sacrifice our gallant warriors in the battle, we extract a much, much higher E.T.E. Factor, and not sacrifice ours wantonly.

    However, we of the C.O.T.C. do not espouse violence, not at this time. Before we can launch open warfare or even covert warfare, we must first straighten out the confused thinking of our White Racial Comrades, and we must do it by the millions. Putting ten million White Man’s Bibles in the hands of our White Racial Comrades would put us well over the top. It would cost us less than it now costs us to subsidize the niggers and the mud races for as little as half an hour. It would be the best bargain we had ever bought for ourselves. We certainly have the resources to do so. By the time we did so, violence would probably not even be necessary. After all, Hitler and his Nazi party took over the German government without blowing up a single bridge or power plant, and with very little bloodshed. We can do the same. The C.O.T.C. has the creed and the program to do the job. One part of it is getting those first ten million White Man’s Bibles out.

    5. Political or Religious Movement? There are any number of people in the racist movement who claim that the solution is purely political, and we should leave religion out of the picture. This is a shallow, naive and incomplete analysis of both the problem and the solution. History over the ages has taught us that religion comes first. We may call it by other names – Weltanschauung (German word for “world-view”) or philosophy, or ideology, or creed, or an idea to which we are dedicated. But religion is really the best all-encompassing word that embraces all. All major movements in history were motivated by their religious core, whether it was Marxism, or Catholicism or Protestantism, or Mohammedism or Judaism. These religions then found political, economic, cultural and nationalistic apparati with which to convey their goals and ideas. But remember, religion was, is, and remains the prime motivator that provides the force, inspiration, and direction to make those goals and motivations become a practical reality.

    We see glaring examples of this in the world today. Communism or Marxism, which directly dominates three-fourths of the world today and indirectly perhaps all of the world, is a prime example. It is based on an ideology called Marxism. Then there is Zionism. It is based on an idea spawned by Theodore Hertzl, as espoused in his book The Jewish State. It combines with, pervades and overrides Marxism. But back of it all is Judaism, the Tribe of Judah’s original Mosaic religion. Marxism, Zionism, Christianity and thousands of lesser organizations, creeds, ideologies and movements have their seeds in Judaism.

    So, the problem is not purely political, nor is the solution. The root of it all lies in ideology or religion. The great White Race could have had the world, a beautiful world, all to itself a long, long time ago, had it only created for itself a racial religion to rally around, a religion that could and would unite it, give it concrete goals, direction and the inspiration to pursue those goals and directions for its own undivided benefit.

    6. In Creativity we now have such a racial religion. Only as recently as fifty years ago, before the devastating and suicidal event of World War II, the White Race was supreme and unchallenged throughout the world. The mud races in India, Africa and even China were either in the control of, or controlled by, the White nations of Europe. The only threat to the White nations, were other White nations (manipulated by Jews.)

    Today the White Man has been driven out of all these areas, not by force of arms, but through treachery of their own Jew-controlled governments. We can look at Britain, France, Belgium, the United States (especially the United States) and find that betrayal and treachery turned over most of the land areas of the world to the mud races. But the treachery did not end there. The White Man (especially in the United States) is now feeding and subsidizing most of the mud races of the world, and the mud races are exploding in numbers at a rate unprecedented in all history. Not only have the mud races exploded and taken over most of the land masses of this Planet Earth, but they are invading and colonizing the home territories of the White Man himself – England, France, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Canada, Australia, and the United States, (again, especially the United States) and the White Man is not lifting a finger to stop them.

    The United States is now becoming the dumping grounds for all the scum, criminals, free-loaders and mud races of the world. They are invading us by the millions – from Mexico, from Central America, from South America, from Indonesia, from Vietnam, from China, from Africa – you name it. “Our” government is not only not stopping this massive invasion, but rabidly encouraging it, providing the means and the wherewithal. It is all part of the Jewish program to mongrelize the White Race into extinction and replace it with a mongrelized mixture of brown zombies, dumb, subservient and thoroughly enslaved.

    7. Before we come to the solution of this abominable situation, there are a few more misdirected ideas that are being bandied about by our polyglot White racial groups.

    (a) The word Democracy, which appears in several nomenclatures. Let me remind these people that “democracy” is a Jewish invention, along with Christianity and communism. It is an extremely useful vehicle in manipulating their treacherous “divide and conquer” technique. Divide the White Race into two opposing groups – then with a small leverage, control the outcome. We Creators denounce the idea of Jewish “democracy,” and strongly support and advocate the Leadership Principle, as did Adolf Hitler, and as has been successfully demonstrated by all viable organizations throughout history, whether it be the Catholic Church, or governments or financial organizations. (See The Leadership Principle in Nature’s Eternal Religion.)

    (b) The Christian Identity Idea. We have belabored this stupid claim that we, the White Race, are the real Israelites, on numerous occasions, and will not take the space here to review it again. It is so ridiculous and so contrary to any meaningful evidence in history that it hardly needs to be re-examined. (See Issue No. 32 of Racial Loyalty reviewed on Pages 124 to 138 of RAHOWA! on “British-Israel Identity.”)

    (c) The Confederate Flag. This outdated relic from the Civil War is not an adequate symbol representing the hopes and aspirations of the White Race today. At best, it recalls a tragic blunder, instigated and manipulated by the Rothschild Jews of large armies of White Men killing other White Men in a stupid and disastrous war that never should have been fought. It was a shameful, cruel, tyrannical war presumably fought over the emancipation of niggers, but in reality it was a war between Eastern Jew power and money power to destroy the wealthy White Southern plantation owners. In either case, it is a war of which we are not proud, and the Confederate flag represents the losers, just as the Christian cross with a Jew hanging on it represents a loser. All the Confederate Flag does is recall a shameful and tragic episode in our history, of White people of the north hating and killing White people in the south, a divisive, no-win “cause” that does absolutely nothing towards focusing on the real enemy – the International Jew.

    The Confederate flag also symbolizes the defense of black slavery, an idea we Creators deem highly repugnant. We do not want to enslave anybody, nor exploit the inferior races. What White Man or Woman today would favor the importation and exploitation of black slaves? In fact, we curse those greedy White exploiters who combined with the Jewish slave-trader and dragged the scum from black Africa onto our shores, only to now leave us with the consequences of an eve spreading black plague.

    How much better to replace the Confederate flag with the Creativity Logo – which says loud and clear – We,the White Race, are the crowning glory of Nature’s Realm, and we cherish, honor and defend our racial good fortune as our most sacred treasure. This, far more clearly represents the goals and sentiment of the White Race on a global basis than does the Confederate flag.

    (d) The no-win “Deplore and Lament” approach of most racial groups. For the last forty years more than twenty thousand groups have come and gone deploring the effects of the Jewish onslaught but never coming to grips with the real cause – the Jewish master plan to mongrelize and destroy the White Race so that they can enslave the world without any threat from a (formerly) intelligent, vigorous, aggressive White Race. Few of these organizations ever really identified the enemy (the Jews), nor the means by which we were being destroyed (Christianity and Communism) nor did any of them ever come up with a comprehensive plan as to how to overcome this sinister menace. (See The Flat Tire Syndrome, Issue No. 1 of Racial Loyalty of Expanding Creativity.) All we have heard from these groups is – deplore and lament! Deplore and lament! A rehash of past history (for the umpteenth time) of how we got into this mess! Having thoroughly depressed and discouraged our White Racial Comrades, these Jeremiahs then leave the reader hanging in his misery, never coming up with a viable solution.

    8. We Have a Solution! We not only have a solution – but in a powerful comprehensive racial religion, we have the only solution. Our program reads as follows:

    (a) Territory. We Creators are determined that the winner take all – that the White Race colonize, occupy and inhabit all – and we mean all – the beneficent territory of this Planet Earth. It is too late to play Santa Claus and divvy up territories to our enemies. It is a stupid idea today, and it was a suicidal idea in the past. We do not need the mud races to survive. We don’t need the Jews to survive. Our unswerving attitude must be – to hell with the Jews! To hell with the niggers! To hell with the mud races! We will either take all, inhabit all, or we will drown in a sea of mud races. The world is becoming far too crowded to support both us and them.

    In so doing, we do not want to ever again make the mistakes of history. We do not want to exploit or enslave any of the mud races. Nor will we further subsidize, educate them nor support them in any way. We just want to get rid of them by boycotting them and letting them wither on the vine and reach their own demise. (See “A Planet Devoid of Mud Races,” Page 65 of Rahowa! This Planet Is All Ours.) A Planet Devoid of Mud Races By Ben Klassen

    In this approach we are following the good American Way, the same program our illustrious ancestors pursued in building America and the Winning of the West. (See Creative Credo No. 32 of the White Man’s Bible, “We shall be Masters of Our Own Destiny – Winning of the West – the Prototype for the Winning of the World”.) Anyone who is proud of America, proud to be White, proud of our forefathers’ building of America and conquering a continent, should have no problem with the program of Creativity.

    (b) We Creators are against a polyglot world of chaos, destruction and anarchy. We do not want to destroy, we want to build a Whiter and Brighter World, to unite the White Race under one powerful all-encompassing religion where the bottom line is the best interests of the White Race and the White Race alone – its survival, expansion and advancement.

    (c) Placing ten million copies of the White Man’s Bible in the hands of our White Racial Comrades will be a major step in accomplishing this magnificent goal of world supremacy.

    9. Can the White Race Accomplish This Goal? You bet we can. We have the numbers (there are still 500 million White Racial Comrades on this planet), we have the intelligence, we have the energy, and yes, we even have the financial means. Just one White multimillionaire like one of the Hunts, or a Ross Perot, could bankroll the whole Creativity movement all the way to victory. (See again “We are not helpless” page 148, and “How to Utilize your Wealth Effectively,” of Expanding Creativity.)

    10. Let us now draw some far-reaching and comprehensive conclusions. We Creators will neither accept nor tolerate a program that would Burmaize or fragmentize our greatest of all White homelands, namely the United States of America. Nor will we condone or tolerate such a program of Apartheid for any other country on the face of this planet.

    We are determined to pursue a course of unrelenting expansion for the White Race until we have colonized and inhabited all the benign and benevolent lands and territories of this Planet Earth. For us it is either all or nothing. This planet is now too crowded for the White Race to survive in a sea of mud races, even If we wanted to, and we do not. We sure as hell will not be so cowardly as to condemn our future progeny to be relegated to a horde of stupid brown bastards. We are determined and committed to a program of not only survival, but to insuring that survival by expanding to the limit of our ability. We want it all, and by Jupiter, we will have it all.

    In order to do so we are determined to follow our unswerving program as previously stated and spelled out in Rahowa!

    1. First we must straighten out the confused, suicidal and scrambled thinking of the White Race itself.

    2. This must be done by replacing the suicidal religion the Jew has foisted on the White Man’s brain, namely Christianity, by a militant, yet logical religion, dedicated to the survival, expansion and advancement of our precious race.

    3. We must then arouse and unite all our White Racial Comrades on a worldwide basis, polarizing them into one mighty battering ram and first of all, Priority No. 1, smash the Jewish behemoth.

    4. From there on out, the rest is easy. We will then be able to control our own affairs, our own destiny, our own government, our own finances, our own education, and all the rest of the accoutrements that go to make up a brilliant, prosperous White society.

    The rest of the mud races will then be of no particular problem, though they outnumber us 20 to 1. All we will then have to do is have the good sense to stop feeding and subsidizing these hungry freeloaders and they will wither on the vine and quietly shrink back into oblivion.

    We now have the means, we have the intelligence, we have the numbers. We now also have the religion, the program (see Page 401 of the White Man’s Bible, ‘Our Unswerving Program”) and the fighting words to do the job. We are determined to meet Fire with Fire. Rahowa!

    As far as the White Race is concerned, there is absolutely no future for us in collaborating with the mud races.

    Planet Earth is the only habitat the White Race needs or should ever want.

    We say mass distribution of W.M.B.’s will do a lot more good than blowing up bridges and power lines.

    Ben Klassen
    Founder Church of the Creator

    SEPTEMBER 15AC ( 1988)


    Friday, 29 December 2017

    Rev Matt Hale...Pardon Attorney

    Friends and Supporters: I received a call from Matt. He said that he needs all supporters to write to the Pardon Attorney and explain that Matt is an innocent man that has committed no crime. Explain that Creativity is not a "gang", it is a religion. Tell the Pardon  Attorney that Creativity religion does not believe in violence. Stress that Creativity is not a gang. Matt has discovered that someone has sent a letter to that office saying that it is a gang. This is very important!! The president does not like gangs, Matt doesn't either. Matt has filed a notice about the prison sending back your letters unopened and I will be asking you to file a declaration with the court regarding you getting mail returned unopened as soon as it gets on the court docket. The address for the Pardon Attorney follows:

    Larry Kupers, Acting Pardon Attorney

    Office of the Pardon Attorney
    145 N. Street NE
    Room 5E-508
    Washington, DC 20530 
    We are coming down the line on Matts petition to the president asking that he grant Matt a "Commutation of Sentence". 
     Rev Matt Hale Petition for Commutation of Sentence
    The more letters that are sent to the Pardon Attorney, the better. I am asking for your help!! Please send a letter twice each month.
    Thank you,
    Ms. H
    Friends, here is a form letter to help you with your letter to the Pardon Attorney.
    Ms. H
    Larry Kupers, Acting Pardon Attorney
    Office of the Pardon Attorney
    145 N. Street NE
    Room 5E-508
    Washington, DC 20530

    Attn: William N. Taylor, II, Executive Officer

    Re:  A Plea for A Commutation of Sentence on behalf of Matthew Hale #15177-424, 
    U.S.P. – Max, P.O. Box 8500, Florence. CO 81226-8500

    Dear Sir:

    I have been informed that the above matter will not even be considered for another one or two years! This is unacceptable given the circumstances involved. Matthew Hale has been incarcerated not for any proven violation of the law, but by virtue of a combination of lies and illegal actions. Furthermore, your office has suffered from deliberate misinformation in this matter. Matthew’s group, Creativity, has been presented to your office—falsely—as representing a gang! Creativity is a belief system; it is religious in nature, so unless you are willing to consider the Roman Catholic Church or Orthodox Jewry as “gangs,” Creativity should be viewed in that light and not as an illegal and dangerous organization. 

    Under the circumstances previously presented to you—including the transcript of Mr. Hale’s “trial” [link:] fully revealing this terrible miscarriage of justice—I would beg you to move quickly in this matter so that justice may finally be done to an innocent man. There is an old but true axiom, justice delayed is justice denied! Surely every effort should be made to bring this matter to a proper and just solution. No one can give back to Matthew Hale the years he has suffered in durance vile, but his suffering should surely not be sustained because of bureaucratic red tape.

    Myself and many others are praying that you in your capacity as Executive Officer of the Office of the Pardon Attorney will bring this matter to the attention of President Trump so that Matthew Hale will be made a free man once again.




    Supporters: I am sending you something that a supporter sent to me that will help you with your letters to the Pardon Attorney. These letters that we send are very important in helping Matt come home. Thank you for every letter you send. For those of you that haven't sent your letters, please take the time to do this for an innocent man that has suffered in solitary confinement for 14 years for a crime he DID NOT commit.
    Thank you, Ms. H
    Dos and Don’ts when writing the Pardon Attorney

    Before you get started, know that timing is everything. We have received no indication that President Trump is interested in granting clemency at this time. We do not discourage people from filing clemency because one never knows what might happen, but we want people to have a good understanding of the process. First, make sure that if the person filing for clemency was denied in a previous petition that 1 year from the denial has elapsed or it could be kicked back for filing too soon. If this is the first time a prisoner is filing, they should have exhausted all of their appeals before seeking executive clemency.
    Also, these are TIPS to help people navigate the process, but there is no absolute RULE so keep that in mind when reading the following:

    Write to either the Pardon Attorney, Larry Kupers, the President, or both! Since President Trump has entered office, we have noticed that the White House sends letters and questions about clemency to the Office of the Pardon Attorney, which is a departure from the Obama administration that used to respond to most letters and questions. At this time, we think it is best to direct your correspondence to the Pardon Attorney, Mr. Kupers. But, you can write to either one, and send a copy to the other – please use the “cc” symbol at the very bottom of the letter to alert the president or Pardon Attorney that you have sent a copy of your letter to the other source.

    Use the proper letter format. DO NOT DOUBLE SPACE a letter. Double spacing is used in motions, legal briefs, etc. not in letters. We use the format where everything is flush on the left margin. Date goes first, then the name and address of the person you are sending the letter to, such as:
    (fill in the date)
    Office of the Pardon Attorney Mr. Larry Kupers  145 N Street N.E. Room 5E.508 Washington, D.C. 20530
    OR if you write to the President use this address:

    President Donald Trump
    1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW
    Washington DC 20500
    RE: Clemency Petition for John/Jane Doe (It is important to identify the applicant your letter refers to either here, and/or in the first sentence of the first paragraph.)

    Dear Mr. Kupers,

    Use the first paragraph to get directly to the point…
    I am writing in support of John/Jane Doe’s clemency petition because I firmly believe a commutation of (First name, as in John’s) sentence would be in the best interest of our society, justice, the taxpayer, and last but not least, the family members, friends and loved ones who continue to suffer each day that John/Jane remains incarcerated. (Establish how much time has already been served.) John has already completed 18 years on a 30 year sentence and paid dearly for his crime. (Make it your own – this is just an example…you can expand or be more specific.)

    Waste time on sentences that don’t matter – such as “I know you are busy…” or “I’m sure you get a lot of letters…” that’s their job and there’s no reason in stating the obvious. Just get to the point and make every sentence pertain to John/Jane Doe and why they deserve to be chosen out of tens of thousands of applicants.

    Use the second paragraph to establish your connection to the prisoner, if you have one and/or explain why they deserve clemency.
    John is my cousin, brother, husband, son… (Or) I have known John since the third grade…we grew up together and played sports/basketball/? or s/he was a very good student, etc. You may know some hardships this person went through, as in domestic violence, or trauma – if so, you can share. 
    (Create a positive, healthy image.) I always remember John as being a very compassionate person, that cared deeply about family…etc. (Add more reasons why you think John/Jane deserves clemency) John/Jane has taken advantage of many programs offered by the BOP and has a clear record of conduct. Not only does John deserve clemency, but his children deserve to reunite with their father/mother who were only 3 and 7 when s/he went to prison… (Or) Jane’s mother is in ill health and my concern is that she may pass away before Jane is released, which deprives a mother and daughter of a very important bond in the evolution of their relationship. I can’t imagine the anguish I would feel if I could not be at my mother’s side – the very person who brought me into this world – at the moment when she will depart.

    Use the third paragraph to summarize: 
    In conclusion, I hope you will give strong consideration to John/Jane’s clemency petition and find them worthy of compassion. I pray you will submit their petition with a favorable recommendation to the President for his approval and that he will have mercy on my friend,
    cousin, mother … Thank you for your time and consideration regarding this extremely important matter that has the potential to favorably impact many lives. (Again, expand on this – write from the heart.)
    Sincerely yours,
    (Hit return 4 times and sign your name in this empty space, above your typed name.)
    Amy Ralston Povah

    If you intend on sending a copy to the president write the following: cc: President Trump (cc stands for “carbon copy” so add whoever you want to send a copy of this letter to – 

    Have someone review the letter before you send it to catch any errors and provide feedback. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but fresh eyes will catch typos. If you don’t have anyone to preview it, go ahead and send.

    Provide details of the prisoner’s case. Let them do that in their petition. I had someone write, “Amy was completely innocent…” and I’m sure they think they were helping me. I was NOT completely innocent and I admitted to my role in the conspiracy. According to the conspiracy statute, if someone furthers the conspiracy one step, we are guilty for the entire scope of the conspiracy – it’s not fair, but that’s the law and until we change it, we are guilty. So, please don’t provide details of a prisoner’s case that you may or may not be clear about, as it may contradict what is in their petition. You can refer to it as a case of injustice, but just be careful about trying to make the case FOR the petitioner. That’s why you should personalize this letter as one coming from YOU, and why YOU would like to see justice served by encouraging the Pardon Attorney to submit a favorable recommendation to the President to grant the prisoner’s clemency petition.

    End the letter by adding your collective voice as someone who will personally benefit if John/Jane is released and if they will have a positive impact on your life – explain how. If you don’t know John then get creative with how society will benefit. If you are someone who will provide aide to John post-release, state that you would hire John if he needs employment, and/or if you are part of a large support group that will assist Jane in her re-entry process with whatever tools s/he may need to succeed, such as a job, financial aide, computer, etc.

    Again, each case is different, some people have large families that will fill that gap – others don’t – so use your judgement and work with others you know are writing letters. Cover all the bases to ease any concern as to how this person will survive, if released. We want to establish the prisoner will have every tool they need to succeed, and be a productive citizen/asset to society if afforded this rare opportunity.

    Get on a soapbox about the drug war or a particular type of drug that you believe should not be illegal. If this is a marijuana case, it is ok to point out that marijuana has been legalized several states and public opinion has changed drastically – but be careful. This is not the time to bout public policy or your personal opinion. Just be logical, fair, and respectful.