Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Your Ward News.. Charged with Hate Crimes

Torontonians James Nicholas Sears, 54, and Lawrence (Leroy) St. Germaine, 76, were arrested and charged with “wilful promotion of hatred against an identifiable group, namely Jews” and “wilful promotion of hatred against an identifiable group, namely women.” Hate Charges laid over your ward news (Toronto Sun) 

Your Ward News / Dr. James Sears are no strangers to being the target of Hate crime investigations, they have been harassed many times before. Dr.Sears holds the distinguished title of being subjected to the most Hate crime investigations of any person in Toronto. None of the investigations resulted in any criminal hate crime charges, until now. It appears the constant whining and complaining to the police from organizations like JDL,CIJA, B'nai Brith etc. have forced the local politicians to order the charges laid.

With no charges laid in the past, obviously because Your Ward News had not committed any crime, I predict that the hate crime charges against Sears and Germaine will be dismissed. How much will this effort to silence Your Ward News cost tax payers? How many court hours will be wasted?

The constant attack on freedom of speech in Canada is alarming and sadly goes unnoticed by most, as it doesn't affect them... yet. The Sun newspaper article linked above reports on the story by using quotes from the complaining groups, nothing from Dr. Sears and nothing about free speech rights. A newspaper should be front and centre protecting Your Ward News' right to "..say it even if I don't agree with it." Free speech cannot be taken away because it is perceived to be offensive to a special interest group, no matter how powerful that group may be. 

Brother Smith
Nov 44AC (2017)                                   

Friday, 3 November 2017

Today's Martyrs and Heroes of the White Race....By Ben Klassen



The White Race in its long and proud history has had an illustrious parade of heroes who have given their lives for a cause they believed in. There is no other race that can point with pride to such a glorious, exemplary roster of heroes and martyrs. No other race has pursued as many diverse ideals, causes and beliefs as has the White Race, nor has there been any other as willing to die for them.

Unfortunately, as past history too often demonstrated, very few of these heroes have selected as their supreme cause the one loyalty that should have been their first and foremost loyalty — and that cause is loyalty to their own race, the White Race. In a world that is growing increasingly darker and muddier, RACIAL LOYALTY is becoming the prime cause with all races, but unfortunately, the White race seems to be the last to grasp this vital issue.

The CHURCH OF THE CREATOR is leading the way in restructuring the thinking, the goals and the values of the White Race in this direction. We say it is not good enough to believe in just any old cause and dedicate and/or sacrifice your life for it. We believe it rather silly to dedicate your life to promoting the idea that cows are holy; or that you have a supposedly two-way love affair going with some non-existent spooks in the skies that nobody has ever seen, heard, felt or smelt; or to promote the idiotic idea that "all men are equal", and that Jewish "democracy" is a great idea; or that we should feed and/or subsidize all the scum, niggers and mud races of the world; or any number of other stupid and pointless causes into which the White Race has in the past (and still is at the present) pouring so much of its wealth, time and labor.

We of the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR say: Put an end to all these causes that not only lead to a bottomless rat hole, but are in fact, extremely destructive to the White Race and highly supportive of the very enemies that are determined to destroy us.

But there is a change coming as the slumbering White Giant is beginning to awaken to his now precarious position and eminent danger of extinction. We CREATORS are moving heaven and earth to hasten that awakening, and arouse, marshal and organize the awesome potential of the slumbering giant. We want to honor those few but growing number of White heroes who are not only willing to lay their life on the line to defend their race against the Jewish monster, but have PROVEN their dedication by the highest sacrifice of all: laying their life on the line to defend their race against the Jewish monster.

They have said in effect: Enough is enough; I will die fighting before I will bend my knees to the Jewish tyrant. Among these we have selected four modern day White heroes and martyrs whose names we want to emblazon in the page of our racial history.

DAN WHITE. When the city of San Francisco in 1978 became overrun with homosexuals and race traitors and when these elements gained control of the city government, Danny had had enough. He himself was an outstanding family man with six fine children, had demonstrated his exemplary ability by many years of fine service in the police department of the city. He had taken active part in the city government and become a member of the city council. When he was being sabotaged and railroaded out of that position by the now predominantly pro-Jewish, pro-homo power establishment, he took the law into his own hands. He had been pushed beyond the breaking point. He took his service revolver and shot dead Mayor George Mascone, a race traitor and a stooge for the Jews. He then quickly walked to the office of Harvey Milk, a side-kick of Mascone, who was also on the city council, who was a Jew and an avowed homosexual. Arriving in Milk's office, he summarily
dealt the same fate to this Jewish homo as he had to Mascone: he shot him dead.

The one thing the Jewish establishment fears (and has feared for centuries) is when the righteous fury of the White citizenry turns to physical violence against them. Danny White's act so shook up the total bureaucracy that for weeks some members of various com- missions and councils all over the state came to meetings dressed in bulletproof vests.

The jury sympathized with Danny White. It gave him a relatively light sentence and after 6 years and 8 months in prison Danny White is again free, and what's more, he's alive.
He is my favorite hero because (a) He took deliberate and precipitous action BEFORE his back was to the wall and made the enemy pay irrevocably and pay heavily BEFORE he was in a position where his options were limited, (b) He is still alive to fight another battle, if
necessary, and embodies General George Patton's edict: Instead of dying for your country, it is better to make sure that the enemy dies for his. (c) He is still alive to fight another day, a hero, but not a dead hero.

JOHN SINGER. Deciding that the establishment was debauching and polluting the minds of his children, he decided to educate them at home in the directions of his own convictions. He defied the Federal government and would not bend his knee to the harassment and threats of the tyrants. Because he took a firm stand he was shot down in cold blood on his own farm in Utah, in 1979,by "government" murderers. We consider him a true martyr to the cause in the fight of the White Race against the murderers let loose upon the White citizens by the Jewish powerhouse also known as JOG, the Jewish Occupational Government.

GORDON KAHL. He, too, had the courage not to knuckle under to the strong-arm goon-squad of the Jewish powerhouse, a/k/a the IRS. When he was ambushed on a public highway in North Dakota, he killed two of the deputies that tried to kill him. He temporarily escaped their network for six months but was brutally killed by a SWAT team in Arkansas. But Kahl exacted another life from his tormentors, and became a national hero. Songs and poems were written about him, and the public wrath that he aroused against the establishment in general, and the IRS in particular, was the beginning in earnest of the White Man's revolution against the Jewish tyranny.


ROBERT JAY MATHEWS. We now come to the latest victim of Murder, Inc. a/k/a Public Enemy No. 1, a/k/a the Jewish Occupational Government of America.
Before we tell his story, I want to make it clear that the position of THE CHURCH OF THE CREATOR in regards to violence and terrorism has not changed and remains the same as is spelled out in Creative Credo No. 64, beginning on P. 397 of the WHITE MAN'S BIBLE. In it we state our position clearly and carefully, and that, in summation is this: We are law-abiding citizens and mean to obey the law, but we demand that the government follow the law and respect the White Man's rights as spelled out in the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights. But should the government itself trample on our rights and institute a reign of terror and violence against the White Race, then we throw all restraint overboard and invoke the Highest Law of Nature, survival of our species. We mean to survive at all costs! No price is too high and the end justifies the means, any means!

Should the JOG and their murderous Israeli henchmen, the Mossad, push further and murder members of our church, then we, too, will like Danny White reach the breaking point and invoke Articles 7 and 8 as spelled out on p. 402 of the WHITE MAN'S BIBLE. That day may be pushing closer than we think and we must prepare for it.

Now to briefly tell the story of Robert Jay Matthews. The events leading up to his murder are told in his own letter, which we publish in full at the conclusion of this article. What the letter could not tell is how he was brutally murdered. On December 8, 1984 an assault team of nearly 100 U.S. Marshals, FBI, Secret Service and Treasury agents bombarded the small house near Seattle in which Bob Mathews was making his last stand. A ruthless barrage of gunfire from handguns, rifles and automatic weapons went on for two minutes, killing Mathews. Then the JOG agents, undoubtedly including members of the ADL, JDL and the Mossad, fired incendiary missiles into the house and burned it to the ground, thereby cremating Mathews. We say to Mathews; it is better to go out in a blaze of glory than to die a whimpering coward. Here is Bob Mathews' tragic, but heroic last letter in his own words:


To the Editor:

For the past decade I have been a resident of Northern Pend Oreilic County. When I first arrived in Metaline Falls I had only Twenty-five dollars to my name, a desire to work hard and be left alone, and the dream of someday acquiring my own small farm. During my three years at the mine and seven years at the cement plant I can safely say that I was known as a hard worker. I stayed out of the bars and pretty much kept to myself. Anyone who is familiar with Boundary Dam Road knows how my late father and I carved a beautiful place
out of the woods. All of the goals I had when I arrived were accomplished but one.... I was not left alone.

Within months of my arrival the FBI went to the mine office and tried to have me fired from my job. I was working in the electrical department at the time and my foreman, fortunately, had a deep and lasting dislike for the Fed. He was informed of the situation by the mine secretary. Had it been the mine manager instead of the secretary that the Government goons talked to, I would have lost my job.

This campaign of harrassment and intimidation began because of my involvement in the Tax Rebellion Movement from the time I was fifteen to twenty years old. The government was on me so much in Arizona that during one incident when I was eighteen, IRS agents shot at me for nothing more than a misdemeanor tax violation.

I left Arizona and the Tax Rebellion when I was twenty. I left not out of fear of the IRS or because of submission to their tyranny, but because I was thoroughly disgusted with the American people. I maintained then as I do now, that our people have developed into some of the most cowardly, sheepish, degenerates that have ever littered the face of this planet.

I had hoped to start a new life in the state of Washington, but the ruling powers had other plans for me. When I learned of their highly illegal attempt to have me fired, I wrote a letter to their Seattle office and told them "I would take no more, to leave me alone, or I would respond in such a way that could be very painful to certain agents." After the letter they gradually started to let me be.

I soon settled down to marriage, clearing my land, and reading. Reading became an obsession with me. I consumed volume upon volume on subjects dealing with history, politics, and economics. I was especially taken with Spengler's "Decline of the West" and Simpson's "Which Way Western Man?". I also subscribed to numerous periodicals on current American problems, especially those concerned with the ever increasing decline of White America.

My knowledge of Ancient European history started to awaken a wrongfully surpressed emotion buried deep within my soul, that of racial pride and consciousness. The stronger my love for my people grew, the deeper became my hatred for those who would destroy my race, my heritage, and darken the future of my children.

By the time my son had arrived I realized that White America, indeed my entire race, was headed for oblivion unless White Men rose and turned the tide. The more I came to love my son the more I realized that unless things changed radically, by the time he was my age, he would be a stranger in his own land, a blond-haired, blue eyed Aryan in a country populated mainly by Mexicans, mulattoes, Blacks and Asians. His future was growing darker by the day.

I came to learn that this was not by accident, that there is a small cohesive alien group within this nation working day and night to make this happen. I learned that these culture distorters have an iron grip on both major political parties, on Congress, on the media, on the publishing houses, and on most of the major Christian denominations in this nation, even though these aliens subscribe to a religion which is diametrically opposed to Christianity.

These are the same people whom ex-Senator William J. Fullbright and the late General Brown tried to warn us about. Henry Ford and Charles Lindbergh tried vainly to warn us also. Had we been more vigilant, my son's future would not be so dark and dismal. Thus I have no choice. I must stand up like a White Man and do battle.
A secret war has been developing for the last year between the regime in Washington and an ever growing number of White people who are determined to regain what OUR forefathers discovered, explored, conquered, settled, built and died for. The FBI has been able to keep this war secret only because up until now we have been doing nothing more than growing and preparing. The government, however, seems determined to force the issue, so we have no choice left but to stand up and fight back. Hail Victory!

It is at this point that I wish to address the multitude of lies that the Federals have been telling about Gary Lee Yarbrough and myself. Gary did not "ambush" any agents. For weeks prior to this incident they had been harassing Gary, following him everywhere, even to the
hospital to visit his gravely ill daughter. The day of the mythical ambush, Gary was out in his yard when he saw a Forest Service truck driving across his property in obvious disregard to the numerous no- trespassing signs scattered about his land. He yelled at the truck to stop but it kept coming towards his house until it crashed into and destroyed a gate. At this point Gary fired warning shots into the air and the truck drove away. That.... was the big ambush.

The newspapers are saying now that Gary not only ambushed three agents but that he hit three of them. Gary did not even realize they were FBI at the time, which is fortunate for them because Gary is an expert marksman and had he decided to ambush the FBI he easily could have killed every Fed within range of his weapon.

It was not until 8.00 P.M. that night that Gary realized what was actually taking place. That is when approximately thirty agents drove up to Gary's house. Gary and a young house guest went out side to investigate the commotion. When the Feds started yelling at Gary he dropped to the ground and rolled into a ditch behind the line of Government vehicles. The young house guest went running back into Gary's residence.

After waiting for three hours the FBI used Gary's wife as a shield and a hostage and went into the house. What brave men they are. As incredulous as it sounds Gary laid in the ditch behind the agents for five hours with his gun aimed at their backs. Had Gary really wanted to ambush these invaders then that was a wonderful opportunity to do so. Gary chose instead to give them quarter, something he would later come to regret. Gary eventually slipped out of the ditch and into the woods.

The incompetence of these gun toting bureaucrats never ceases to amaze me. Especially after their attempted ambush and murder of myself in a Portland motel. First, let me say that the FBI was not there to arrest Gary but to ambush me. They didn't even know that Gary was in the room. The only reason they were able to find me was because a trusted friend in room 14 was actually a traitor and an informant. The FBI has vast resources and the latest technology but the quality of their agents is going down hill with every new recruit. That's because most of the best White Men in this country are starting to realize that to be an FBI agent is to be nothing more than a mercenary for the ADL and Tel Aviv.

When I stepped out of my motel room that morning, a gang of armed men came running at me. None of the men had uniforms on and the only thing they said was "stop you bastard". At this, I yelled to Gary who was still inside and I leaped down the stairwell and took off running into the parking lot. A women agent shot at my back and the bullet missed and hit the motel manager. I rounded the corner of the motel and took off down the hill into a residential area. After running for two blocks I decided to quit being the hunted and become the hunter. I drew my gun and waited behind a concrete wall for the agents to draw near. When I aimed my gun at the head of the closest agent I saw the handsome face of a
young White Man and lowered my aim to his knee and his foot. Had I not done so I could have killed both agents and still had left the use of my hand which is now mangled beyond repair and which I might very well lose altogether. That is the last time I will ever give quarter.

As for the traitor in room 14, we will eventually find him. If it takes ten years and we have to travel to the far ends of the earth we will find him. And true to our oath when we do find him, we will remove his head from his body. I have no regrets or apologies to make for Gary or myself. In fact, I am proud that we had the courage and the determination to stand up and
fight for our race and our heritage at a time in our history when such a deed is called a crime and not an act of valor.

Approximately nine months ago the FBI went to my house while I was away and threatened my two year old son. That was a very big mistake on their part. After the Portland shootout they went to my house and threatened my sixty-three year old mother. Such brave men they are. I am not going into hiding, rather I will press the FBI and let them know what it is like to become the hunted. Doing so it is only logical to assume that my days on this planet are rapidly drawing to a close. Even so, I have no fear. For the reality of life is death, and the worst the enemy can do to me is shorten my tour of duty in this world. I will leave knowing that my family and friends love me and support me. I will leave knowing I have made the ultimate sacrifice to secure the future of my children.

As always, for blood, soil, honor, for faith and for race.


Editors Note: Bob, we have not forgotten you. Your death has not been in vain. Your name will be enshrined as a hero in our hearts and minds. We will avenge your death.
Ben Klassen
Founder Church of the Creator
Article Taken from Racial Loyalty # 22
March 12AC (1985)

Thursday, 5 October 2017

Fishing the Antifa...By Paul Fromm

Fishing the Antifa: Nationalists Draw Out the Violent Nature of Many Protesting Immigration Restrictions
On September 30, many different groups hosted demonstrations across Canada against Canada├Ęs failed immigration policy Protests occurred in Fredericton, Ottawa, Windsor, London , Edmonton, Regina, and the Peace Arch Border Crossing near Vancouver.and other cities.

Kevin Goudreau is a long-time White Nationalist activist. He cut his teeth in the early 1990s as one of Wolfgang Droege's key organizers in Kingston, Ontario. Kevin obtained a permit from the City of Peterborough on behalf of the Canadian Nationalist Front to hold an anti-Trudeau, anti-immigration rally at Confederation Square in that city. Various Antifa and anti-free speech groups rose to the bait like piranha to a bleeding cow.

A city councillor whose grasp of freedom of speech and political freedom is decidedly feeble blasted city staff for granting the permit: "Peterborough councillor Diane Therrien says a Neo-Nazi should never have gotten permission to hold a rally on city property at Confederation Square, on Saturday." (National Post, September 2, 2017) "At City Hall on Monday, Therrien said city staff gave the group permission to hold its rally in the park because it’s expected to be a peaceful protest. But she wasn’t accepting that idea. “Staff’s position is that it’s a peaceful protest – but he (Goudreau) is not a peaceful person,” Therrien said. Meanwhile, Therrien asked fellow councillors to support local activists who are planning counter-protests."

Well, there would be plenty of violence on Saturday, but none of it would be Mr. Goudreau's doing. The "peaceful'" anti-racist protest turned decidedly violent with masked thugs assaulting a young man they thought was a "fascist", spitting and screaming, and then surrounding a police car containing one of the violent peaceful protesters and screaming at and menacing the police. There were two arrests for assault. Some masked thugs attacked an elderly man whom they accused of being a "fascist" and broke his cane.


Earlier in the week, Mr., Goudreau's group infiltrated an Antifa organizing meeting a recorded the proceedings including organizing for violence. They shared this information with the police and media. 

Mr. Goudreau's ploy worked admirably. Antifa were encouraged to be the violent Red Guards they are and demonstrate that ANTI-RACISM IS A CODE WORD FOR ANTI-WHITE. It also allowed nationalists to get many pictures of Antifa BEFORE they donned their masks.

The National Post asserted there were 1,000 anti-racist protesters. My estimate was closer to 200. They were a motley crew of masked thuggish antifa, leftist crazies and some more establishment virtue signallers coming out as the street troops for The Fund Kid, Justin Trudeau, who, when receiving a Global Citizen Award from the globalist Atlantic Union in New York earlier in the month proclaimed a globalist jihad against nationalists and those with traditional views on human sexuality:  'We need to be every bit as strong, ever bit as vigilant in opposing the scourges of racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ethnic and religious bigotry, neo-fascism, neo-Nazis and the violent extremism of Daesh (ISIS) that confront us in 2017." (National Post, September 21, 2017)

Prominent among this gaggle of White haters, self haters and useful idiots was Peterborough MP Maryam Monsef, who was swept into the cabinet at age 31 of the strength of her sex and Third World status. Her publicity claimed she had come to Canada as a refugee from Afghanistan at age 11. It turned out this was a bit of a fib. She'd hailed from Iran. Coming from lands that know little about democracy, she had been tasked with delivering democratic reform and moving toward proportional representation. She flopped miserably and has been shifted to being Minister on the Status of Women.

Violence Erupts at Anti-Racism-Rally in Peterborough Ont..( NATIONAL POST)

Members of Peterborough Against Fascism march during a white supremacy demonstration on Saturday September 30, 2017 in Peterborough, Ont. CLIFFORD SKARSTEDT/POSTMEDIA NETWORK


           Police arrest a protester on Saturday Sept. 30, 2017 in Peterborough, Ont. CLIFFORD SKARSTEDT/POSTMEDIA NETWORK

 City police escort a man who was punched during the protests on Saturday Sept. 30, 2017 in Peterborough, Ont. CLIFFORD SKARSTEDT/POSTMEDIA NETWORK     

Sunday, 1 October 2017

Rev Matt Hale (Civil Case)...Declaration and Response to Defendant's Motion for Summary Judgment

To read the document in it's entirety........

Declaration and Response to Defendant's Motion for Summary Judgment ( FREE MATT HALE SITE)

Quotes by Rev Hale from The Declaration and Response to the Defendant's Motion for Summary Judgment..........

" It is untrue that I am a leader of a group known as the Creativity Movement and the Defendant knows it. I have not been the leader of the Church of the Creator - The actual name of the Church embodying the Creativity religion -  since 2006 when my term of office as Pontifex Maximus expired, and even then I had not actually "led" the church since the occasion of my arrest on January 8th 2003 made that impossible"

" The facts of this case show that Creativity overwhelmingly meets the test for a religion as set forth in the United States v. Meyers 95 f. 3d 1475 ( 10th Cir. 1996) "

" I am not a "White Supremacist" and in fact oppose White supremacy. The fact that the defendant has labelled Creativity and me as "White Supremacist" throughout its' motion and declaration, shows in my judgment as a Creator for the past 27 years, how little the Defendant understands the Creativity religion. "

" The Jews think that "God" chose them as his favorites. We Creators think that Nature chose us as her favorites. If one is a religious concept, so must the other be. "

" It is an outright lie that " Delenda Est Judaica" means "Jews must be destroyed"
" Delenda Est Judaica actually means "Judaism must be destroyed"

" Day by day and hour by hour my Creativity religion guides my life. It informs me as to what I should eat, what I should think, what I should value, how I should treat others, what is good, what is bad, it gives purpose and meaning to my life, it reveals to me the purpose and meaning of life in general" 

" Most Creator's do not in fact celebrate " Benjamin Smith Memorial Day" and I myself had never even heard of it until I brought this lawsuit. Nor had I ever heard of "Matt Hale Day" "

" My religion and Church are not "violent" and never have been. If adherents of my faith have committed crimes over the years, that is no different than what occurs with Christian's , Muslim's, Jew's and others on a daily basis. I dispute that the Defendant has the legal right to hold my religion and church to a different draconian standard from what it holds these other religions. "

"  As I have already declared, I am not the "leader" of my church or religion and haven't been for a long time "

" I have demonstrated above that Creativity overwhelmingly satisfies four out of five factors for determining whether a particular belief system is a religion. 1. It encompasses ultimate ideas, 2. It is comprehensive, 3. It constitutes a moral or ethical system, and 4 It's beliefs are accompanied by the accoutrement's of religion. " .             

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Rev Matt Hale.. Petition at Matt Hale Commutation of Sentence

Letter to.........
Donald Trump
Senator Jeff Sessions
President of the United States
Free Political Prisoner Matt Hale!

Matt Hale was sentenced to 40 years for a crime in which he remains the only victim. Matt Hale is asking for a "Commutation of Sentence". We are asking that you help grant his request.
Matt Hale is by any definition, a  political prisoner within the Federal prison system. He has spent over 13 years in solitary confinement for having thoughts considered by some to be politically incorrect.

Matt Hale is not only an educated lawyer, but also a classical violinist. He is suffering in solitary due to his opinions and a paid informant, paid by his own government. This can all be validated upon researching his trial transcript. There was never a crime or a victim and never any action taken to commit a crime.

If you will read his trial transcript at
Trial Transcripts and Exhibits ( FREE MATT HALE SITE)
I am sure you too will agree that Matt is a victim of a sinister system that will do everything possible to silence dissent. Matt’s trial began April 7, 2004, in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois Eastern Division, Case Number 03 CR 11.

Matt Hale is currently in solitary at the maximum Federal prison in Florence, Colorado, miles away from his family. One is left to question our much-touted Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press.

Please free Matt Hale
U.S.P. – Max., P.O.
Box 8500,
Florence, CO 81226-8500

Thanking you in advance

To sign the Petition.........
( Grant Matt Hale Commutation of Sentence

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Rev Matt Hale.... Petition For Commutation of Sentence

Rev Matt Hale has completed an application for Commutation of his sentence. The application is to be sent to President Trump.
Quotes from Rev Hale in the application......

" I am an innocent man, quite simply, and I am not going to lie and say otherwise even if it hurts my chances here to finally receive some sort of justice"

" Tony Evola was the only person who talked about killing anybody so how is it just for him to be enjoying his freedom and $72,000 the past 14 1/2 years while I should have to spend another 20 years in prison?"

" My convictions are the ultimate in "fake news" I am a victim of the "Deep State" Mr. President " 

" Note to President Trump... I have been a long time supporter of yours, as has the movement that I am a part of ( The "White Nationalist" movement) which worked hard to put you in the White house. Please return the loyalty that we have shown you these years by commuting the sentence of the most blatantly wronged political prisoner in America : me. I thank you Sir " 

To read the application in its entirety......

(Application submitted Aug 13th 2017) 

Dear Friends and Supporters: As you know, Matt has asked for a "Commutation of Sentence" from President Trump. I am asking each of you to send a letter to the president and ask for him to grant a "Commutation of Sentence" for Matt. You know that Matt committed no crime and deserves to come home. He has suffered for over 13 years in solitary confinement. Please do your part in helping Matt fight for his freedom! Thank you, Ms. H
Send your letters to:
President Donald J. Trump
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
Washington, DC 20500

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Applying Hitler's Advice to our own Movement-What we can learn from the Master Organizer of all Time...By Ben Klassen






In Issue No. 7 we reprinted Hitler's excellent chapter on Propaganda and Organization, Chapter XI, Vol. II of Mein Kampf. The following is an analysis of that chapter. We of the Church of the Creator consider Adolf Hitler the greatest White leader of all time. A great

part of his success was due not only to his oratorical prowess, but also to his skill in formulating the correct propaganda approach and his ability to organize effectively. Since he was a master in all of these fields it behooves us to listen, to analyze and to apply his sage advice to our own movement, CREATIVITY. It is not my purpose to recapitulate his thoughts here, but to highlight a few major ideas, how we can learn from them, and mostly, to make our own observations.

1. Propaganda is a vital and powerful tool. Hitler has emphasized this throughout his book and has stated elsewhere that propaganda can make heaven look like hell, and vice versa. In short, propaganda makes the difference. It shapes people's ideas, attitudes, likes and dislikes, loyalties and hatred. It is the cement that builds organizations and movements. It comes first in shaping the future course of history or a people.

2. Whereas the word propaganda has a somewhat odious connotation to it, it does not deserve it. Propaganda, as I have pointed out in NATURE'S ETERNAL RELIGION, is, like the weather, neither good nor bad in itself. Like the weather, it is good or bad depending on what kind of weather we have. The same qualifications apply to propaganda, and it, like fire, can be a useful servant, or a tyrannical master, depending on how it is used, by whom and on whom. Anyway you look at it, propaganda is a powerful tool, and it behooves us to not only realize this, but master its intricacies and become skillful in its usage. The Jews realized its power early in their history and have exploited it to the hilt. They have become the most expert mind-manipulators of all time.

3. One of the first recommendations I have in regards to propaganda is to dump the word altogether. Since it has a somewhat sinister and odious connotation to the general public (although undeserved) it is better to use a more subtle, more acceptable word in its place.
My recommendation is the word ENLIGHTENMENT. Therefore, in our organization we will not have a Ministry of Propaganda, but rather a Department of Enlightenment. Although there is only a shade of difference in the meaning, there is this difference:

Whereas propaganda can be, like weather or fire, either constructive or destructive, the word "enlighten", per se, is defined as:

 "1. to give the light of knowledge to; free from ignorance, prejudice or superstition.
  2. to give clarification to (a person) as to meanings, intentions, etc.; inform." (Webster's New World Dictionary) I believe this more adequately describes what we, the Church Of The Creator, are trying to accomplish, since I have said time and time again - our main task is, and remains, the problem of straightening out the confused and scrambled thinking of our White Racial Comrades.

4. Not only must we use the correct approach in our enlightenment programs, but, above all, we must make sure that it is highly effective. Our basic yardstick, the bottom line, therefore, of all our efforts must be this: WILL IT HELP PROMOTE CREATIVITY? Whereas our main and only objective is not really the advancement of any theory, or any philosophy as such, but the survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race, we are convinced of one basic conclusion: only with the final and total triumph of the CREATIVITY movement will the White Race achieve its final reinvention and redemption. Conversely, if the CREATIVITY movement fails, the White Race will go down its present path to destruction and final oblivion.

5. In order to ensure the survival and tenacity of our movement in the face of a rapidly changing world in turmoil, of a violent and lawless society stampeding towards anarchy, and in the face of a well organized and powerful enemy, the Jewish network, it behooves us to not only be boldly aggressive in our campaign, but also avail ourselves of all the defensive measures at our command for the survival of the movement. In this matter we can learn from Jewish history perhaps more so than any other, since the Jews have survived the convulsions and upheavals of history better and longer than any other entity.

(a) One thing we must provide for is dispersion. Our basic books, our printing facilities and subdivision headquarters must be dispersed in most of the key centers of the country. In this way, if one is wiped out, there are several others that will have the facilities, books, printing machinery, etc., ready and able to take over and carry on. We must especially have a large inventory of our basic Bibles in storage in warehouses at many scattered locations.

(b) We must establish an organized chain of command. The best way to do this is to have organized church centers all over the country, and even in other countries. Like the Jews in the Middle Ages, if they were wiped out in one area, they flourished in hundreds of others and were soon back to re-occupy lost territory.

(c) We must build an intelligence network. We must not only know WHO our enemies are and WHERE they are, but we must be able to finger the traitors, government agents, Jewish chabez-goi and other renegades in our own ranks.

(d) We must harness the financial resources of our own White Racial Comrades, which are considerable. We must seek out, contact, persuade and implore those wealthy individuals who obviously sympathize with our ideals, but have not yet arrived at the conviction that in order to save themselves, their own best interests would be served by joining with us. We must convince them of the obvious - that, in fact, their very survival will depend upon joining and building the CREATIVITY movement. Imagine what a boost our movement would receive if we were to enlighten some of the wealthier members of the Hunt family, or say the du Ponts, or any of the many other affluent White families.

6. Utilize Computer Technology. In today's highly technical age of communications it is extremely important that we utilize all of the most modern technology we possibly can to aid and expand our movement. We must avail ourselves of modern office equipment, such as
computers for filing, mailing lists, etc., audio tape recorders, video recorders, video tapes for training, automatic telephone dialing machines,
and a variety of other sophisticated equipment. We already have some of this equipment now and the speed and efficiency with which these machines can perform in comparison to human hands is not only amazing, but from a financial point of view, they pay for themselves in short order.

I don't want to give the impression that I believe machines should take the place of people. On the contrary, we want millions of capable people to join our ranks, and that is the whole idea. Capable people working more efficiently with modern equipment at their command can work miracles and accomplish the job at hand better, much more effectively, and since time is of the essence, that much sooner.

7. We must build transmission belts and lines of communication of our own. This means newspapers, magazines, periodicals, radio stations and television networks. When we see what massive followings even con-artists and spook peddlers like Oral Roberts, Jerry
Falwell and other Jew-lovers have built up through the use of television, we too, must utilize these to the hilt. Since they are now almost totally in the hands of the Jews, this is one area we must aggressively battle to get into our own hands.

That it can be done is demonstrated by a man such as Ted Turner in Atlanta, who has built up an impressive and powerful system of Cable networks. Although he has not taken a stand for the White Race, he is at least not a subservient lackey of the Jews, either. If he can do it single handedly, think of how much better a powerful White movement like the
Church Of The Creator could do the job once it built up its membership and muscle. The Mormon Church has done it in their own way in Utah, but unfortunately, although it has ample financial facilities it has fallen to decay in its original stand for White hegemony. The reason it was vulnerable in this area is plain. If it had been based on a strong racial creed as is the Church of the Creator it would have been invulnerable and by now would have had the world at its feet. It can be done and we must do it.

8. Finally, we must pursue with the utmost vigor our ongoing search for the Great Promoter, as spelled out in our last month's issue No. 6. Creativity aspires to helping White people get rid of garbage thoughts as well as garbage foods.

Ben Klassen
Founder Church of the Creator


Article taken from Racial Loyalty #7
December 10AC(1983)